Sand filled synthetic turf is a vertical pile tufted carpet with sand infill and is a hard wearing, all weather sports surface.

Sand filled surfacing is ideal for full sized synthetic turf pitches (STPs) and MUGAs because it has excellent durability.

sand filled astroturf installation
Sand filled MUGA artificial surfaces

The pile yarn can be polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon material and the pile heights vary depending on what sports are being played. The most common pile height is usually 20-24mm multi use carpet, which is fully infilled with a silica sand to support the backing and keep the yarns vertical.

2G sand filled artificial turf is ideal for use in schools, leisure centres and sports pitches where several sports are played, such as football, hockey, basketball, netball and tennis. It’s fully porous and can adapt to suit summer and winter weather conditions. The surfacing can be customised to suit specific activities and is suitable for both recreational and competitive play.